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This is me, Jennifer – wedding photographer of the images on this website.

One of my favourite inspirational sayings is, “do what you love…love what you do.” I wear a bracelet with these words inscribed to live by. I am so grateful to be able to do what I love and love what I do for a living.

Thank you for your interest in my wedding photography. I hope you love what I do, too. xx

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by photography. As a child growing up in Boston, I remember modelling for my grandmother while my grandfather took my pictures on his 35mm camera. As a young adult I studied in Australia and fell in love with the beauty of Tasmania through landscape photography. I also developed an interest in environmental portraiture. And in Napa Valley, California, USA where I lived for almost three years, it was there and then that I began turning my love of a hobby into a career specializing in wedding photography.

I was fortunate to be employed by a photography studio and some willing mentors, who trained me in all aspects of professional photography and Photoshop (the modern day darkroom). At first, I assisted in booking and photographing elopements and small weddings until I was able to work independently. Once I developed my skills and gained experience overseas, I was able to return to Hobart to start up my own wedding photography business, which I have been running successfully for the past ten years. I also have previously accumulated a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, and 5+ years of employment in marketing, events and sales roles – all areas of education and work experience that are relevant to what I do now.

Though I have worked in many different genres of photography – including commercial, corporate, maternity, newborn, baby and family environmental portraiture – my focus is primarily on wedding photography (including engagement and pre-wedding sessions, elopements, commitment ceremonies and vow renewals, as well as of course big weddings!), and I have photographed hundreds (up to 50 per year).

I am grateful to be a dual citizen of North America and Australia; therefore I am delighted to embrace international marriages and different cultures. Same sex couples are also included in my family and among my friends, and more than welcome to contact me for their wedding photography. I regularly practice yoga which provides me with some yin to balance out the yang required to photograph weddings, and I love being both a yogi and a wedding photographer!

My portfolio should give you a feel for my style, which I’d describe as timeless, vibrant and authentic. I am both documentary and artistic with my approach, in that I aim to both capture as well as create emotive moments to be treasured for eternity. Please take time to explore my portfolio and decide if my technique resonates with you. If so, then I look forward to hearing from you and discussing the possibility of my photographing your extraordinary day!

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Kristy Dowsing

Kristy has been working as my assistant photographer and photo editor for the past five years. Her background includes a Diploma of Photography and professional work experience teaching digital imaging and portraiture at Tas Tafe. If I am already booked to photograph another couple on the same wedding date as yours, Kristy may be available to photograph your wedding. Her photography style bears a strong enough resemblance to mine and she has worked so closely with me on post production for so long, that you can expect the resulting images to look similar and on point with my brand. You can view some of her individual work which is included under the portfolio section of my website. 

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